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Li trovi soprattutto attaccati agli ape hanger delle moto chicano style (ho visto foto e video di road king con rosari lunghissimi al posto del "cordino " in cuoio).

These are typically called “getback whips,” “mirror whips” or simply “handlebar whips.” They are usually made from braided leather. They are normally attached to the front brake lever, but you will sometimes see riders with one on each side, almost like bicycle handlebar streamers. They are also made in various colors, to match the club colors of the rider’s motorcycle club.
Origine storica:

They are ornamental. After WW 1 Cavalry Troopers would have to return their Army horses before returning to civilian life.They kept their leather riding gear including reins and whips. Upon return many bought motorcycles and would adorn them with their leather braids from their previous mount. Thus making it an “Iron Horse” .

Ma qualcuno dice che:

Getback whips are not a form of handlebar decoration. They are actually a type of weapon, which the rider will use against a car, which is encroaching on them, especially while they are splitting lanes. The whips are primarily used on car rear view mirrors. They are not lethal, but are considered more of an instrument of terror, in that it may frighten or “wake up” the inattentive driver.

In many states, the whips are considered illegal equipment, and like a blackjack, may even be considered an illegal weapon. In some states, you can have them on your motorcycle, but they need to be fixed, and not easily removable.


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