Visualizza Versione Completa : perfetta repliche scarpe sportive provenienti dalla Cina

05-07-2010, 14:05
We can supply kind of the brand shoe like Nike,
Adidas,Gucci,Puma,Timberland,Locaste,Armani,D&G, Dior, UGG, Chanel and
so on.
1).Min. Order Qty: 3 pair. Mix order is allowed.
2) Women Size: US 5-9, UK 3.5-7.5, EUR 36-40.
3) The quality is Super AAA.
4) Package: Original tags and shoes box.
5) Delivery time: 3-6 workdays.
6) Payment: Paypal/Western Union / Money Gram so on !
7) our website :

05-07-2010, 14:18
ui ar interested onli in scopiazzament of harley equipment denk iu!!!

London dude
05-07-2010, 14:21
No anfibi, no party. :happy5: